The automotive industry is a highly competitive one. Automakers are always struggling to manufacture vehicles that put them ahead of others. Although engineers focus more on fuel management capability and power-trains, they are also quick to realize that the aesthetics of the vehicle is a focal aspect of vehicle production. It is obvious no one wants a vehicle that would not be noticed on the streets.

A vehicle pair of headlights contributes to its beauty and makes it to be noticed easily. When you drive at night, you can use your rearview mirror to see various types of head-lamps twinkling at you. These headlights include halo lights to projector lights with various colors. A visit to a local automotive parts store will bring you to the realization that custom headlights section keeps growing at a quick rate.

The United States may be much devoted and crazy about its cars but it is still lagging behind when it comes to headlight technology. Nooo, it is certainly not what you think! I mean it is not because the Europeans are greater at making better and brighter headlights. The United States lags behind as a result of the regulations relating to the use of headlights and the specific kinds that are permitted.

These regulations are pretty restrictive in the US.



However, times are changing and the strict regulations on auto lighting are being relaxed gradually. One of the widely used auto lamps currently in the market are the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights.

The HID lights are lit by an arc rather than a filament.

Automakers who wish to make a bit of a splash (especially on models that are higher end) now use LED lights for cars. Although they are not the brightest in the market, they have low power usage and flexible design which makes them popular.

And since the cost of producing the LED lights is usually on the high side, they are mostly found on luxury cars.


BMW says that they will manufacture cars that will have laser lights feature in the nearest future. However, do not think what they mean is a James Bond kind of light that can lacerate walls or solid objects, haha! What you are likely to get is a bright light which would also be incredibly precise.

Custom headlights now have projector lights and ability to maneuver through the curves on roads. This is an idea that began in the 80s at a time when sealed beam headlights became the first to work out beam shaping. Even though we cannot say that they were the most effective lights ever produced, they however paved the way for the emergence of future technology such as projection lighting.


The future of such technology would be advanced by Audi Matrix Lighting, using led lights that will evade the need for separate beam settings which are low and high.

These type of lights might not be seen in the states in the nearest future as a result of the strict regulations which demands that vehicles must possess distinct high and low beam settings.

One thing that is however certain is that the future of auto headlights will be far beyond the expectations of the average modification enthusiast. If you need more information on the historical development LED lights for cars, click here now.


It has come to be discovered that computer plays an important role in our daily existence; at schools, work place, and even at our homes. The 21st Century has witnessed so many technology advancement targeted at improving the human society and existence.

Computer is one technological invention that has greatly advanced and sustained the development of the human society. The advent of computer and internet technology has reduced the world to a global village.

Although the introduction of the internet to computers has seen the evolvement of new challenges such as virus threats and other computer problems, practical solutions such as the installation of the antivirus has helped solved most of these problems. This article examines the various aspects in which the use of computer technology has influenced our daily existence and the modern human society.

Banking Industry

Technological advancement has our life comfortable and easy, especially as it relates to banking tasks. For instance, banks were wont to keeping relevant manual documents of customers in manual forms or hard copies.

Today, you only need click the right button(s) to obtain all data related to the particular customer. Customers can also learn of the transactions on their account by simply accessing the bank website or using its mobile application. It is now possible to obtain bank loans by simply applying online.

Food Industry

The computerization and automation in food processing units is threatened by several challenges when utilized near water catastrophic effects on computer systems. Many food processing units use waterproof computers to keep their computer systems from being drenched in the production area. However, computers are used to store production records, storage and sales records. They are also used in the accounts and administration department to arrange the payroll and keep workers details.

Medical Field

Computers are used to manage hospitals effectively. Hospitals are computerized these days in such a way that computers can be used in the payroll, accounting and stock system of the hospital. Computer allows hospitals to keep records of various medicines, distribution and their use in wards. Diseases can also be diagnosed by simply sending in the symptoms of patients. More so, various computerized devices are used in laboratories to conduct blood tests.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural sector has also keyed into the use of computers to sort out various agriculturally related issues. An analysis taken a few years back claims that 44% of farmers in Ohio now use computer to carry out various tasks. This was not the case in 1991 when only 32% of farmers were using computers. It can therefore be deduced that there has been a great increase in the number of people who use computers.

With the development of the internet as a means of communication, many farmers utilize the technological advancement for processing transactions and retrieval of information. The analysis confirms that 80% out of the total number of the farmers surveyed use the internet.


Education Sector

The globalization of education has seen to the evolving of new trends which has brought on various challenges. Hence, the relevance of information technology in the education sector cannot be underscored if these challenges are to be tackled.

Students should familiarize themselves with the concept and use of information technology in order to equip them for the employment market in the future. The faculty can as well introduce a good teaching methodology to achieve better quality.

The influence of computer technology has become pervasive in many fields and various aspects of human endeavor and society. With a leaping development and improvement scale, computer technology has made indelible impact in almost all these fields and thus leading to a new era. For more information or guide on how to accelerate your PC and modern computers, kindly visit http://gigatoday.com.

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