Many Android devices still use Lollipop and receive updates to the OS even though the Android Marshmallow is out for some devices. Lollipop has been a wonderful operating system for Android with amazing features. But with technology; and as other fields of human existence; there is nothing that one can point out as an epitome of perfection. The Lollipop is not an exception to this rule. This brief essay takes into cognizance some common Android Lollipop problems while also providing possible solutions to these problems.

Crashing Apps

Updating the Lollipop somehow introduces memory leaks that generate many issues. This Android Lollipop issue causes the apps to crash. It can also slow down the UI or even force it to stop without any previous warning. This leak might not be totally noticed on high-end devices but it can rev up several problems in older devices. Rebooting the device can fix the problem but it will only be a temporary measure because the lag will return after some days. Another solution is to clear the Google Play data but a permanent solution is to await the release of an official update by Google.

Slow Charging

If you have noticed that your device does not charge as fast as it used to before, you might not be the only one with this issue. Many Android Lollipop users with this issue have come to realize that charging from a PC is always slow.

Some applicable solutions include:

Avoid using a third party charger to boost your phone battery life.

The cable might be problematic, try using another compatible cable to charge it.

Clear the cache partition of your device.

Quick Draining of the Battery

Many Android Lollipop users have tendered this complain. They believe that their batteries drain much faster than it used to in the past. This problem was a major issue in the first Lollipop update and was fixed later with an update.

So your Android Lollipop should have a better battery life than what it has before. However, you can try out these steps if you are still facing this problem.

Update all apps to ensure their compatibility with the new OS.

Also remember to clear your cache.

Run a factory reset on your device.

Inability to Make Audio Calls

Few users of the Android Lollipop have actually tendered this complain, that they cannot hear the caller or that the caller cannot hear them. This discourages the users from receiving calls on their devices.

Probable solutions include:

You can restart your phone to see if the problem will be solved that way. You can also try out a compatible headset or a Bluetooth headset and later switch to the default audio.

Camera Malfunctions

Not everybody have this Android Lollipop problem but many who have it feel frustrated and bitter. Some even complain of the disappearance of the camera buttons so that you cannot reset the picture quality or switch to the front camera.

You can try out the following to fix this issue:

You can restart your mobile device and then try to open the app.

Reach your camera settings and force stop the app then clear its cache and data by restarting your device.

Wipe the Cache of your device.

Do a factory reset of your device.


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